Lego Minifigures Series 5 Display Box of 60

16 figures in Series 5!
Each figure is a surprise, which ones will you get?
Collect them all, and use their parts to customize your very own figures!

Are you ready for a fun surprise? These exciting LEGO figures come randomly boxed, just like trading cards! Each one is a unique surprise. Characters may include: Roman Gladiator, Graduate, Male Snowboarder, Gangster, Female Cavewoman, Guy in Monster Suit, Not Jane Goodall, Eskimo, Boxer, Clown, Lumberjack, Dwarf, Aerobics Instructor, Cleopatra, Beefeater, and Sherlock Holmes.

Piece count varies by figure. This item gets you 60 individually packaged, randomly selected figures packaged in two attractive countertop point-of-sale displays, suitable for placing in a store next to the cash register.

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