Marvel Lady Deadpool Premium Format Deadpool Sideshow 300546

“You’ve got one second to rephrase that and perhaps say something nice about my hair.”

Sideshow is proud to present the Lady Deadpool Premium Format Figure!

Lady Deadpool, known as Wanda Wilson, comes from an alternate timeline of Earth and was brought across dimensions by Wade Wilson to become a member of the Deadpool Corps.

The Lady Deadpool Premium Format Figure stands 22” tall on top of a damaged red scooter base, decorated with fun stickers that hold fourth wall-breaking references. She kicks into action with her signature blonde ponytail waving in the wind, posed precariously while redirecting a missile in midair and simultaneously slicing a bullet in half with her katana. Lady Deadpool is raising a gun to the air as she makes her dynamic attack. With a swap-out accessory, see her launch the infamous Headpool into the air, armed to the teeth with explosive dynamite.

Be sure to add the Lady Deadpool Premium Format Figure to your Marvel collection today! Pair her with the Deadpool Heat-seeker Premium Format Figure to assemble your very own Deadpool Corps.

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