Marvel Universe Black Widow 1/10 ArtFX+ Premier Statue Kotobukiya

From Kotobukiya’s ARTFX PREMIER series comes a new line of statues. The new line, “WOMAN of MARVEL”, shines a spotlight on popular female characters within Marvel. From the detailed sculpt of the figure, to the realistic costume and facial expressions, each statue showcases the characters’ “beauty” and charm while staying true to the series and personality. Black Widow is the first to join this new line. Despite the face only being 3.5cm in size, the paint decorating the statue perfectly emulates the character’s personality and facial expression in the makeup and sculpt of the face. The base of the statue features abandoned ruins with puddles that showcases Black Widow’s reflection as if the base is truly wet. The “beauty” resonating from each statue in this new line in the ARTFX PREMIER series is a work of art that will please collectors worldwide. Each ARTFX PREMIER statue comes in a luxurious packaging that differs from other Kotobukiya products. Every ARTFX PREMIER statue includes a serial number on the base, making each statue a one of a kind product. This all new and refined statue will be sure to stand out in any collection.

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