Marvel Universe Spider‐Man Webslinger Artfx Statue Kotobukiya

Soaring through the skies of New York, it’s your friendly neigh

borhood Spider‐Man! Now

available as a dynamic 1/6 scaled ARTFX Statue

The ARTFX series brings a variety of heroes to life at 1/6 scal

e (approx. 30cm) as high quality

statues for a reasonable price.

Next in the 1/6 scale series is a beloved hero: “Your Friendly

Neighborhood Spider‐Man!”

Represented in this action‐packed diorama‐type figure, this mod

ern‐age hero is currently

enjoying widespread popularity due to the recent release of “Sp

ider‐Man: Homecoming.”

Designed by craftsman Matsumoto Kouei, this ARTFX statue recrea

tes Spider‐Man’s iconic

move “web slinger,” displaying the hero’s muscular form as he m

oves swiftly through the city

on his web.

The statue is a new hybrid form, constructed using two differen

t materials. The New York

skyscraper stand is made using cold casting, which shows off th

e texture of the stonework.

The figure itself is made of PVC to show off the details of the


Straight from the panels of a comic book with the perfect balan

ce of weight and detail, get

your Spidey today!

List Price: $149.99
Available: 2nd Quarter, 2018
On Sale!
SKU: Marvel Universe Spider‐Man Webslinger Artfx Statue Kotobukiya-102688
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