Masters Of The Universe Evil Horde Rock Man Callix 200x Mattel

When it comes to eliminating the opposition, he's crushing it! His stone cold fighting skills let him lay down the law and make him a total rock star for the Horde. This 200X figure arrives with a shield and a battle axe that can double as a crossbow.

Callix™ Bio

Real Name: Callix

A Vebex rock man from the Tri-Solar system, Callix was recruited by the Horde Empire during his youth and quickly rose through the ranks due to his insight and perspective into enemy strategy. Assigned as lead council to Hec-Tor Kur, Callix traveled with him to Eternia to ensure their foe He-Ro had been destroyed. He remained with the Horde army on Eternia fighting the Snake Men and King Grayskull for rule over the planet. His ability to crumble into pebbles and rebuild himself has made Callix a deadly enemy of all those who oppose Hordak and his evil minions!

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