Mega Man X Max Armor Plastic Model Kit Hyperchip Version Kotobukiya

From Kotobukiya. The protagonist of the series, X, is joining Kotobukiya's lineup to commemorate the first Mega Man X game's 25th anniversary! Featuring an exclusive version of the protagonist in his powered up Max Armor, this plastic model kit recreates the character's appearance after he unlocks the armor's full potential with a Hyper Chip! Thanks to the technology of CAD engineering, the character's appearance from Mega Man X3, is faithfully recreated while maintaining an impressive range of articulation. The kit's includes colored parts in three shades of gold, effect parts to recreate the Max Armor's signature Cross Charge Shot, plus a range of parts including the X-Buster, interchangeable hand and face parts, Z Saber, and more!


List Price: $81.99
Available: 3rd Quarter, 2022
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