Nintendo Samus Standard Edition Helmet First 4 Figures 907915

Sideshow and First 4 Figures are excited to present the Samus (Standard Edition) Helmet!

The Varia Suit is one of Samus Aran’s many equipable space suits in the Metroid series and is the armor she starts within Metroid Prime. Although the suit is predominantly orange in color, the helmet and the upper half of the torso are red. Just like in the games, her helmet, and the entire Varia Suit for that matter, has a shiny and metallic finish to it, just like the replica.

As for the base it is mounted on, the design of it replicates the Save Stations in the Metroid Prime games, which, as the name implies, is where you save the progress of your games.


List Price: $727.99
Available: 2nd Quarter, 2022
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