Premier IA Raytheon

"The Beechcraft (now Raytheon) Premier I, a light jet aircraft, first flew on December 22, 1998 flown by Charlie Volk and Warren Gould. It was the first all new product of the Raytheon Aircraft Beech/Hawker combine to fly, and is an all-new entry-level corporate jet designed to compete head on with Cessna's highly successful CitationJet/CJ1 series. Construction of the first Premier I began in late 1996 and rollout was on August 19 1998. The Premier 1 received FAA certification, including single pilot approval, in 2001. It also received FAA RVSM (Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum) certification in May 2003. Upgrade kits for RVSM capability are available for aircraft already delivered. The Premier I is the first composite-fuselage corporate jet to be FAA certified. The Premier I has high-speed cruise of more than 520 miles per hour. A standard-equipped aircraft with full fuel, a pilot and four passengers has a range of more than 1,650 miles and is certified to operate up to 41,000 feet. Last year Raytheon Aircraft was awarded the National Society of Professional Engineers' (NSPE) 2000 New Product Award in the mega size company category for its development of the Premier I. The all new Premier I Raytheon Aircraft is constructed with a high-strength composite, carbon fiber/epoxy honeycomb fuselage, completely produced by computer-controlled, automated machines, giving the aircraft a medium-jet sized cabin at light jet acquisition and operating costs. Last May 2005, Raytheon has announced an upgrade, from Premier I the Premier IA, which received certification in October 2005. The aircraft has an improved interior, seating and avionics suite and 'acoustical liner' to reduce cabin noise levels. "

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