Puppet Master Original Series Jester 1/1 Scale Replica


From Full Moon Features. From Full Moon Collectibles comes the Limited Edition actual 1:1 scale replica and movie accurate ORIGINAL JESTER, as presented in the original 1989 feature film, PUPPET MASTER. This hand-sculpted replica is faithful to his on-screen counterpart and made using existing head molds and will be 20-22-inch scale. This handsome replica includes a C.O.A. (signed by Puppet Master creator Charles Band and Tom Devlin of 1313FX) and display stand. Each JESTER figure comes dressed in his iconic Jester suit and hat and tailored to a perfectly scaled fit as the original rod puppet used in the film. With limited articulation and made of foam rubber on wire frame and resin appendages. This NEW Replica is sure to make any JESTER and Puppet Master fan happy!

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