Real Masterpiece:Scarface Tony Montana The War Version by Enterbay

Authentic and detailed likeness of Al Pacino as Tony Montana

- One Individually hand-painted head sculpt with aggressive expression

- Realistic facial expression with details wrinkles and expression with newly developed "multi layer" paint application

- Stands approximately 30 cm tall

- Newly developed RM-5 body with 40 points of articulation; PVC soft plastic skin to cover the chest area, so that the articulations around the chest area will not be visible

- Eight pieces of interchangeable hands

- Movie-accurate costume includes: One black suit with blazer jacket, trousers, waistcoat and white shirt, one faux-leather black belt with buckle and a pair of black faux-leather shoes

- Jewelry includes: A watch, a pair of glasses, a gold necklace and a silver bracelet

- Movie related accessories includes: A brown suitcase, three bags of cocaine (props only) and one M4 carbine

Scarface is a trademark and copyright of Universal Studios.

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