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Rocky 20" Bronze Statue Sculpture Limited

Rocky 20" Bronze Statue Sculpture Limited

This listing is for a replica of the Rocky statue from the Rocky Movies. It's traditional cast bronze, individually signed and numbered. Mounted on a black marble base. It stands 20 inches tall.

ROCKY 60th anniversary sculptures
in 1980 sculptor A. Thomas Schomberg, in collaboration with Sylvester Stallone, created the statue ROCKY BALBOA for the movie, "Rocky III".

The statue in a classical contrapposto pose, depicts Rocky, the loveable underdog, who aspired to a victorious goal over insurmountable odds and ultimately became a symbol of inspiration.

In celebration of the 3Oth Anniversary of "Rocky" and for the first time ever, sculptor, A. Thomas Schomberg & Schomberg studios in collaboration with MGM studios, have decided to produce an unlimited edition of exact replicas of his monumental ROCKY.
These models, unlike the original maquette, are smaller in scale, but none the less extremely accurate representations of the original ROCKY statue.

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Rocky 20" Bronze Statue Sculpture Limited
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