SDCC 2015 Exclusive HALO UNSC/Covenant Battle Pack Mattel

Get stuck in the action with the HALO® powered by BOOMco.™ UNSC/Covenant Battle Pack! Compete as a heroic Spartan armed with the UNSC M6 Blaster, or as an elite Covenant operative with the Plasma Overcharge Blaster! These two blasters feature authentic HALO® features, sleek designs and crazy-fast firing power with epic accuracy at distances up to 70 feet! Plus, the Battle Pack includes 16 Smart Stick™ Darts and a HALO®-themed Smart Stick™ target, so you can practice your aim or set up a multiplayer challenge and see where you nailed it!

Get the competitive edge on the HALO® battlefield and Blast Better™ with BOOMco.™! Firing distances are approximations only. For San Diego Comic-Con only, blasters come in an exclusive, collectible HALO® case inspired by in-game UNSC supply crates.

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