Skies of Arcadia Aika Statue First 4 Figures 909388

Sideshow and First 4 Figures are proud to introduce their Aika Resin Statue.

The concept for this statue is based on her official artwork from the Skies of Arcadia game. Aika is in this dynamic pose wielding her signature weapon, the Boomerang. Adding to the dynamism of this piece is the flow of the skirt of her yellow dress, making it feel like Aika is really in motion!

The design of the base is inspired by the deck of a pirate ship and few easter eggs from the game. There is an event in the game where players must choose a new flag design by members of the Blue Rogues. A goggle-wearing cat with pigtails and a piece of gold coin in its mouth is Aika's design. If players choose her flag, the Blue Rogues' pirate ship will have an orange color scheme to it at the end of the game. And the treasure chest atop the base replicates the ones found in the game.

Skies of Arcadia - Aika resin painted statue
Highly detailed base inspired by the Skies of Arcadia art style
Limited edition numbering
Authentication card

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Available: 2nd Quarter, 2022
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