Space Jam A New Legacy Bugs Bunny Bust Soap Studios 909111

In the Looney Tunes animation, Bugs Bunny always has a kaleidoscopic appearance. This time, he put on the TUNE SQUAD basketball uniform and picked up the basketball. He threw himself into a basketball battle with the superstar LeBron James, vowing to win the global basketball game and save James' lost son!

The half-bust of Bugs Bunny, to a great extent, restores the handsome look of Bugs Bunny in the movie "Space Jam A New Legacy". The orange and blue TUNE SQUAD uniforms are tuned but not obtrusive.

Bugs Bunny is seen pressing the basketball with his right hand, as if ready to make a beautiful dribble at any time, and the left hand holding a big logo of the movie. Bugs Bunny’s iconic proud expression is vivid! Looking at him with a confident face, have you already begun to look forward to his heroic appearance after playing?

Don't miss your chance to add this bust to your Looney Tunes collection!

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