Star Fox Arwing 12 inch Statue by First 4 Figures

At the centre of the Milky Way exists an advanced star system known as the Lylat System. It is here where the team known as Star Fox operates, made up of some of the most elite pilots and mercenaries in the galaxy. Star Fox's ship of choice for aerial combat is the Arwing: a fleet of state-of-the-art battle crafts capable of combat in both the atmospheres of planets and the deepest vacuums of space. The Arwing's sleek design allows it to fly at speeds exceeding Mach 4 and, combined with the skills of an able pilot in the cockpit, makes it one of the most agile ships in the galaxy, armed to take down the biggest of both terrestrial and extraterrestrial threats.

Sideshow and First 4 Figures are proud to present the first piece in a brand new line of collectibles: the Arwing! Initially made famous in the SNES game Star Fox, Team Star Fox’s Arwing has seen many a battle throughout the Lylat System, and is presented here as it appeared in the game Star Fox 64. The Arwing itself is suspended upon a base bearing the Team Star Fox insignias. Painted completely by hand and cast in high-quality polystone, the Arwing measures a total of 12" inches tall by 12" deep by 18" wide.

Don't miss your chance to own this incredible statue with its deluxe full-colour packaging, moulded foam interiors, hand-numbered base and card of authenticity!

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Available: 2nd Quarter, 2022
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