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This Original Series Star Trek Rock Mood Light faithfully reproduces helmsman Sulu's Alfa 177 planetary experience. Fire the highly accurate replica First Season Type-1 Phaser at the Rock to make it glow for survival or control it with the Phaser to access a whole spectrum of relaxing atmospheric settings and provide an ambient glow in any one of thousands of relaxing colors.

Beautifully sculpted and hand-painted for realism, the Rock is the perfect decorative piece, allowing you to indulge your Trek devotion in any setting. As the lights dim, the glowing Rock comes into its own.

To Survive fire the Type 1 Phaser remote control at the rock with a continuous burst and it glows increasingly brighter, throbbing redder and redder as it appears to heat up. Cease firing and the rock slowly dims as it appears to cool.

Surviving just about OK but looking for a little something extra? Then switch to Atmosphere and discover the Rock’s more ambient, multicolor effects. Coax the Rock to display one of its galaxy of beautiful colors, very imperceptibly gliding from color to color with subtlety indicating a higher intelligence, or engage the slow-dimming bedtime routine.

Create atmosphere on any planet!

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