Star Wars 40 Figure Stands

Star Wars 40 Figure Stands

40 grey figure stands for 3 3/4 star wars figures. Cool figure stand set. You get 40 stands and there are different ones for each of the movies and the expanded universe too. See details below. There is a sticker sheet so you can select the name of your figure to put on the front if its there. Theer are over 180 names to choose from.It’s the official stand for all of your modern-era star wars figures! These are the same stands that were packed with the 2006 star wars saga collection basic figures (figures sold separately), featuring a movie name on each stand.

Each pack contains the following 40 stands:

6 episode i: thephantom menace
6 episode ii: attack of the clones
7 episode iii: revenge of the sith
7 episode iv: a new hope
6 episode v: the empire strikes back
6 episode vi: return of the jedi
2 expanded universe

each stand can be personalized with the included character-name label sheet! You’ll find a label for nearly every figure released in the star wars line from 2004 through the end of 2007, with multiple labels for trooper figures

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Star Wars 40 Figure Stands
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