Star Wars Bearbrick Jango Fett & Boba Fett Bearbrick Set by Medicom

Jango Fett is the renowned bounty hunter used as the template for the Republic’s Clone Troopers. The clones are advanced-aged and endowed with individual personality quirks, while their armor is somewhat based upon Mandalorian armor. Jango himself oversees phases of the Clone Troopers’ military training. By way of recompense, Jango requests one of the clones, non-advanced age, to raise as his son and protégée. In the task of reinforcing his employer, Darth Tyranus, Jango Fett eventually falls to the slashing lightsaber of Mace Windu. Jango’s son, the young Boba, watching his father die at Windu’s hands, develops an overarching grudge against the Jedi in the process of propagating Jango’s extensive bounty hunter legacy.

Conceived during the Clone Wars in the mysterious cloning facility on Kamino, Boba inherits from his “father”, the legendary Jango Fett, the latter’s blaster-deflecting, lightsaber-resistant Mandalorian armor and distinctive helmet. Boba Fett is among the bounty hunters summoned by Darth Vader for the task of tracking the Millennium Falcon. Fulfilling this mission by tracking the Falcon to Cloud City, Fett is given custody of the carbonite-frozen Han Solo, enabling the bounty hunter to collect the lofty bounty placed on the smuggler by Jabba the Hutt. Subsequently, in the course of Jabba’s failed attempt to feed Solo and Luke Skywalker to the Sarlacc, Fett is sabotaged by his malfunctioning jet pack and is sent careening into the Pit of Carcoon.

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