Star Wars Darth Vader Force FX Lightsaber by Hasbro

Own a piece of film history!
Great fun for collectors or lucky kids!
Features humming blade plus lights and sounds!
Includes display stand!

There's no better weapon for slaying Sith lords! This Darth Vader lightsaber replica from the Star Wars saga features durable, die-cast metal parts that look and feel like the real thing! Its sturdy, red, polycarbonate blade is permanently attached to the hilt and features realistic power-up and power-down glowing light effects. It also includes authentic, digitally recorded and motion-sensor controlled sound effects, such as power-up, power-down, idle, movement sounds, and clash sounds. Item requires batteries, not included.

"An elegant weapon from a more civilized time" is forged by Hasbro within the Hasbro Signature Series brand. The Force FX Lightsaber collectibles embody all the technological wonder of the Jedi icon. Each lightsaber is a fully functioning replica featuring all the lights, sounds and heft of the actual weapon. For all their amazing features these lightsabers are no toys, but rather elegant reminders of a galaxy far, far away.

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