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In the Star Wars movies not only do they make multiple copies of the props we see on screen, but different versions, as well. These are divided into two categories commonly referred to in the industry as "hero" and "stunt." Hero props are made for close ups and promotional pictures which require a more beauty shot of the prop. Most of the time when a lightsaber is ignited on screen, it is a stunt version of the hilt. These props are usually cast in resin from the hero prop and then painted to look just like the hero prop. They are lighter and easier to wield while filming the exciting lightsaber duels and action scenes. In the case of the stunt lightsabers, there is usually a rod attached to the hilt so that the actors can actually duel and make contact with the blades. These rods are also invaluable reference points for the special effects technicians to later digitally add in the signature glows of the lightsaber blades. These stunt lightsabers are faithful replicas of the hero prop used by Luke Skywalker in Return of the Jedi and Count Dooku in Revenge of the Sith. Each comes with a unique lightsaber and plaque stand to display your lightsaber.

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