Stargate 1:2 scale Horus Helmet by Chronicle Collectibles

After the success of the 1:1 Anubis and Horus helmets, Chronicle Collectibles has decided to answer the call from our collectors and create a table top version of the Anubis and Horus Helmet in 1:2 scale. Through the technical wizardry of Captured Dimensions, the 1:2 scale helmets were brought to life using their expertise in digital scanning. We can confidently proclaim that the 1:2 scale helmets are 100% authentic to the 1:1 Helmet due to the technology we have available today.

Much like the 1:1 Anubis and Horus Helmets, the eyes are illuminated with a replaceable battery. These helmets will be made from polyresin and may require assembly, though not as extensive as the 1:1 Helmet.

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