Storm Cat Polystone Statue Mighty Jaxx 905794

Introducing Storm Cat by Alex Face, the Mighty Jaxx exclusive colourway of Alex Face’s brand new Siamese cat design. Designed specially for Platform 66 last year, Storm Cat is the third colourway following the Platform 66 exclusive Thunder and Lightning Cats. Don’t let their size fool you, these cats are undoubtedly cute but they question the bigger things in life.

The Mighty Jaxx exclusive Storm Cat is finished in a sleek black, emulating the dark clouds that roll in during a powerful storm. Bring into your homes the cleansing power of a storm and rid the negativity with the limited edition, Mighty Jaxx exclusive Storm Cat.

List Price: $288.99
Available: 3rd Quarter, 2020
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SKU: Storm Cat Polystone Statue Mighty Jaxx 905794-116044
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