TBLeague 1:6th Action Figure Arkhalla Queen of Vampires PL2017-109

In the beginning of the Bronze Age, 5,000 years ago, her name was whispered in fear across the cities and kingdoms of early man.
For uncounted years, she has ruled from her city of Ur, implacable, cruel, an undying creature feasting on human blood,
her demonic powers making monsters of those she infects and enslaving all others under her reign of terror.
Her only weakness... a still all-too-human heart.

Part List:
① 1 x head sculpt
② 1 x TB League female seamless body with metal skeleton
③ 3 pairs x interchangeable hands
④ 2 pairs x detachable feet
⑤ 1 x Asag's Crown
⑥ 1 pair x armbands
⑦ 1 pair x bracelets
⑧ 1 pair x anklets
⑨ 1 pair x pasties
⑩ 1 x bikini-style top
11 1 x belt
12 1 x skirt
13 1 x Queen's Scepter
14 1 x Sacrificial Knife
15 1 x Sickle Sword
16 1 x Skull Goblet
17 1 x base (A representation of "ASAG'S MIRROR" in the story)
18 4 color packaging

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