TBLeague 1:6th Seamless Body Medium Bust Size Suntan PL-MB2017-S23B

Members that we classify under 7th. generation! Our newest model, so far the most body builderlike model we have: medium bust size, but not the same S01A/S02A medium. Her breasts are larger by roughly one bra size. The legs are strong, even stronger than S20A and S21B (the 5th. generation), the muscles are quite bulky, but still we avoided to give them clod/clump look, so the legs show power but are still shapely and feminine. We have used this body type for our Painkiller Jane figure.
Note: their woman secret parts are quite realistic/detailed. Head sculpts are not included.
Part List:
1pc * seamless body (head sculpt not included)
6pcs/3 pairs * replaceable hands
4pcs/2 pairs * removable feet

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head not included
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