Titanfall IMC Ogre Model Special 20 Inch Figure by Threezero


From ThreeA Trading Company. This detailed Titanfall IMC Ogre collectible figure stands approximately 20" tall with more than 100 articulated parts (including fingers), real pistons that control the movement of the waist and feet, a 40MM Cannon with detachable ammo drum, moveable armor plates on both torso and legs, a light-up feature for top, hips and afterburner with interchangeable red and blue lights (requires 2 AAA batteries, not included), and an articulated tri-missile launcher (launcher hatch can be opened and missiles are removable). The figure also features a fully opening hatch with a cockpit holding a fully poseable, 6" tall IMC Battle Rifle Pilot figure that comes with detailed armor parts, with R-101C Carbine & fabric clothing. All pieces feature superb detailing, paint application and weathering.

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