Titanfall M-COR Ogre Model Special 20 Inch Figure by Threezero


From threeZero. The stunning figure of the M-COR Ogre stands approximately 20" tall with incredible detail and more than 100 points of articulation, including real pistons that control the movement of the waist & feet and articulated fingers. The figure includes a 40MM Cannon (with detachable ammo drum), movable armor plates on both torso & legs and an articulated left side tri-missile launcher (the launcher hatch can be opened and missiles are detachable). The figure also has a fully openable hatch with cockpit for a fully posable 6" M-COR Battle Rifle Pilot figure detailed armor parts, R97 and weathered fabric clothing. Plus, the top, hips, afterburner (with interchangeable red & blue color) light up. (Requires 2 3A batteries, not included.)

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