Tokidoki X Marvel Captain America Knit Beanie

(A) Simone Legno

The fourth season of high-fashion apparel pairing classic Marvel characters with the cheerfulness of the tokidoki universe continues to roll through 2011! Acclaimed artist Simone Legno brings his unique design aesthetic to the Marvel Universe with his Fall 2011 collection, giving the House of Ideas a hip and hot makeover for the 21st-century and the chillier weather of the autumn months. Whether it's a knit beanie in the style of Captain America's cowl, hoodies of Thor or Spider-Man, pop art quads of the heroes or villains of the Marvel U, or shirts that feature Marvel favorites like the X-Men or the Hulk, tokidoki x Marvel brings the fun to Marvel's classic, beloved characters. Smash it up as the Fall 2011 collection ships to customers beginning in time for the turning of the leaves.

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