Tron Legacy Movie Figures Deluxe Black Guard Series 1 SpinMaster

Start your collection of your favorite light-up characters with our Tron Deluxe Figure - Black Guard, with detailed articulation in a larger size! "

The Tron Deluxe Figure - Rinzler includes:

1 Deluxe Figure
Accessories (Vary with each Figure)
1 User Instruction Guide

Nearly 30 years after the ground-breaking movie, 3D adventure has a new name: TRON Legacy. Enter the high-tech, digital world of intense landscapes and dazzling color. Follow Sam Flynn as he looks into his father's disappearance and finds himself sucked into this world of fierce programs and gladiatorial games, where his father, Kevin, has been living for 25 years. Join father and son in cyberspace as they journey on a life-or-death adventure. Will you take down the evil Master Control Program that has turned the digital universe into a police state Coming soon to theaters!

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