Unicorn Gundam Version Ka Collectible Bandai 907277

In celebration of the 40th Anniversary of GunPla and 25th Anniversary of the Master Grade line, Bandai Spirits is proud to announce Master Grade EXTREME!

The EXTREME series of Master Grade focuses on complimenting the 4 key points of Style, Internal Structure, Action, and Gimmick, with a 5th element known as the EXTREME Point that focuses on the iconic characteristics unique to that machine. The first in the EXTREME line is the RX-0 Unicorn Gundam. Its EXTREME Point is a replication of its luminous Psycoframe system. Katoki Hajime, its original creator, has redefined and re-interpreted the mechanisms for the Gundam using the combined engineering progress made in the original MG release as well as the Perfect Grade and Real Grade versions to create his vision of the ultimate Unicorn Gundam without sacrificing movement or sculpt allowing for an impressive array of motion including a 160-degree bend in the legs. Throughout the Unicorn's body, special new flexible color changing LEDs have been designed to accommodate a wide range of movement of the model kit as well as transformation between Unicorn and Destroy Mode. The LEDs shift color from Red to Green and are also embedded in its Shield Funnels to allow recreation of scenes from the Anime. The transformation has been renewed allowing a more accurate and intuitive hands-on experience.

The Unicorn Gundam (Ver.Ka) Collectible Figure features:
Beam Magnum
Six (6) Gatling Guns that can be mounted in Shields
Three (3) Shied Funnels that can combine
Four (4) Beam Sabers
Display stands to suspend the shields and MS Cage
Water Decals and metallic stickers by Katoki Hajime
Three (3) AA batteries required for LED System

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