Venture Brothers Ser.5 Phantom Limb Dr. Orpheus Set of 2 Bif Bang Pow!

Bif Bang Pow! blasts off for action with this line of fully articulated, 8-inch tall action figures based on Adult Swim's all-the-rage animated series The Venture Bros. You'll find the most popular and recognizable characters from the show faithfully represented in amazing detail, real fabric clothing, and a 1970's retro style that accurately portrays that distinctive action-comedy mix that has become synonymous with the TV series! Comes individually carded in blister packaging.
This Series 5 set includes 2 individually packaged action figures :
1x Phantom Limb
1x Dr. Orpheus

They're ready and waiting for your toy box or collection shelf!

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SKU: The Venture Brothers Series 5 Phantom Limb & Dr. Orpheus Set of 2 Figures by Bif Bang Pow!-53172
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