VH-3D Seaking 1/48 Scale Model HVH3DT by Toys & Models

"The VH-3D Sea King is a twin-engined, all-weather helicopter in support for the transportation operations of the United States President. It was flown by the Marine Helicopter Squadron One. It was developed from the series of Sikorsky S-61 and it was already in the air more than 40 years. It was built as an anti-submarine sensor carrier for the United States Navy. It is the replacement for the SH-60F Sea Hawk for the role of an antisubmarine warfare helicopter. In December 1974, the helicopter was delivered to HMX-1 to replace the VH-3A. It entered the service in 1963. The VH-3A helicopter was entirely replaced by the VH-3D in 1976. The United States Army Executive Flight Detachment was activated in January 1 1958. Together with the Marine Helicopter Squadron One they were given a task to evacuate the President, his family and other government officials. The VH-34D was the primary executive transport helicopter but it was replaced by the VH-3D Sea King in 1961. It was built for the United States Navy as a carrier based anti-submarine helicopter with modified interiors. It was the preferred VIP and executive transport. John F. Kennedy requested the executive aircraft to bear unique markings. He wanted the choppers to have a white and green paint design on both sides of the fuselage, a flag of the United States on the engine cowling, and the Presidential seal on the nose of the helicopter. The helicopter is still in use. It can be seen on televisions whenever it is being used to transport President George W. Bush. "

Scale: 1/48 scale model

Wing Span: 15.5

Length: 13


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