Voltron Defender of the Universe Lion Force Bookends by Toynami

The Voltron Lion Force Bookends are polystone resin sculptures standing approximately 10 tall, and are limited to 1000 pieces. The bookends feature divided palace sections on the left bookend, positioned alongside the palace edifice, Voltron is battlepoised atop an earthen foundation on the right bookend, the rear battlements are menaced by a spikestudded, rotund Robeast equipped with taloned appendages, bulky tank treads, and bristling, proboscisborne cannons. The Lion Force Voltron team consists of the Black Lion, Red Lion, Blue Lion, Yellow Lion and Green Lion. Requiring human pilots Keith, Lance, Princess Allura, Hunk and Pidge, respectively, the mechanical lions of which Voltron is comprised are individually functional and are frequently utilized in lesser missions and skirmishes. Voltron is set in place to defend planet Arus against King Zarkon of Planet Doom, the latter of whom frequently utilizes Robeasts, gigantic cybernetic monsters, to implement his will.

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