VS-44 American Export Airlines

"The Sikorsky VS-44 was a large four-engined flying boat built to compete in the transatlantic air travel trade carrying 40 or more passengers across the Atlantic Ocean. Sikorsky’s standard of luxury boasted full-length beds, dressing rooms, a full galley, a snack bar, a lounge, and fully controlled ventilation. American Export Airlines (AEA) ordered for three VS-44s. They were named Excalibur, Excambian, and Exeter. World War II began and put civilian transatlantic air service on hold. Now under a Navy contract and with the Navy designation JR2S-1, AEA's three VS-44s continued flying between New York, New York and Foynes, Ireland, carrying passengers, freight and war materiel. Excalibur, the first VS-44, crashed on takeoff in 1942. After the war, the two remaining VS-44s continued to fly for the airline, which had been renamed American Overseas Airlines (AOA). AOA sold Excambian in 1949 to Tampico Airlines. In 1946 Exeter was sold to TACI of Montevideo, Uruguay. It crashed on August 15, 1947 while landing in River Plate off Montevideo. In 1976, Excambian was donated to the Naval Aviation Museum at Pensacola, Florida and eventually put on permanent loan to the New England Air Museum (NEAM) in Connecticut. NEAM restored Excambian to its WWII livery with volunteer help from some of the former Sikorsky workers who had built the original VS-44. "

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