Wonders of the Wild Series Coelacanth Statue Star Ace 909820

This entry in Star Ace’s “Wonders of the Wild” series of ancient animals presented by Sideshow is the Coelacanth Statue, presenting a fish that has existed for 400 million years. Once thought to have been wiped out with the dinosaurs, living examples have been found much more recently. Living up to 100 years and growing to 2 meters in length, the Coelacanth can be found in waters off Africa and Indonesia.

The beautiful statue of this “living fossil” was sculpted by the artisans of X-Plus and Kaibutsuya and features a hand-painted deco based on recent photos of the live fish. This polyresin statue is 28 cm long and is mounted to an environment base with a nameplate identifying the scientific name and habitat.

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Available: 3rd Quarter, 2022
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