WWE Legends Tully Blanchard by Mattel

This second-generation Superstar was first rate all the way, and when he partnered with Arn Anderson™ to form the Brain Busters, the two dominated the tag team landscape in WWE®. Tully Blanchard™ arrives in the Legends line with his World Tag Team Championship, ready to take his place in your collection alongside his partner, "Double A!"

Titles: United States Champion; World Tag Team Champion; NWA Tag Team Champion; NWA Television Champion

Memorable Moment: Tully Blanchard was a member of one of the most dynamic factions in sports-entertainment history – the Four Horsemen. Together with tag team partner Arn Anderson, the two were challenged by one of the most dominant duos ever, the Road Warriors, at Starrcade 1987 for the NWA Tag Team Championship. Blanchard was nearly pinned at the beginning of the match, but bounced back with such vigor that after battering his opponents, he threw the referee out of the ring! Later, Road Warrior Animal threw Anderson over the top rope to the floor, which, by NWA rules, resulted in an immediate disqualification, awarded by the same referee that Blanchard had tossed out earlier in the match!

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