1:18 Scale ANNEX 2179 Hiro Figure Toys Alliance FAV-H04

Hiro was an agent of police district 28, who was murdered while investigating a case alone. In order to improve the successful rate of solving cases, the UD6 public security company proposed to change Nimue, a female forensic doctor's brain potential research to the " Witness Reborn Project", which can restore the last piece of information stored in the victim's brain, so as to collect data to find the murderer. However, this plan was not approved by the police district 28.
Therefore the security company stole Hiro's brain secretly. When Hiro's brain was activated by the life-sustaining system, he not only recovered the last scene before his death was with the police detective of the same district, but also restored his self-awareness, and was able to control the flow of electric current within ten meters. In order to find the murderer who killed him, Hiroshi entered into a contractual transaction with the security company to install a fighting body powered by the PT battery from the security company. Since then, he has become the partner of Smith, the always drunken detective.

Includes: Hiro x1, PT Katana x2, PT Wakizashi x2, Knife Sheath x2, PT Battery x1, Battery Container x1, Battery Security Lock x1

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