1:18 Scale ANNEX 2179 Void Figure Toys Alliance FAV-H05

Void used to be an honest accounting clerk who stayed in his comfort zone, thinking that he would only spend his life with the numbers on the screen. Later, he was misunderstood as a traitor and was thrown to the gasification garbage dump for execution by the gang in district 14. Seeing that his body and the trash around him went to ashes, he found his soul did not drift away and he still kept his conscience, wondering how an honest and kind-hearted person like him would end up like this.
Anger and hatred consumed his thoughts, his soul energy was abnormally enhanced, and he was accidentally absorbed into the bio-electronic robot. After walking in different bodies several times, he gradually mastered the art of walking in. Finally, he chose the powerful AR series bio-electronic robot for his new body. After embarking on the road of revenge and slaughtering the gang who executed him, he realized that his thoughts of revenge would only bring him infinite emptiness like his soul.

Includes: Void x1, Wakizashi x1, Plasma Baseball Bat x1, Knife Sheath x1, PT Battery Security Lock x1

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