1/4 Scale Statue Toy Story 3 Miracle Land Woody PX Beast Kingdom


From Beast Kingdom. A Previews Exclusive! There's no need to leave wondrous memories of childhood sealed in storage. Beast Kingdom is proud to present the most popular characters from Pixar films: the Woody and Buzz Lightyear statues. Classic poses from the Toy Story films enlarge the toys you've grown up with into the best collector items for your home. The Woody statue is approximately 17 inches in height, with exquisite hand painted colors which naturally accentuates his rosy cheeks, the clear lines of his plaid shirt and denim texture of his jeans. The details on the statue also greatly enhance the collection value of this product, such as the metal sheriff's badge embedded on his vest as well as the essential signature Andy wrote on the bottom of his boot. The imitation wood grain round platform and exclusive stainless steel nameplate are included to exceed fans' collection expectations!

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