1/6 "Dou Zhan Shen" Series of Tencent Game Raksa DZS-003 by Very Cool

Real like Head Sculpt with Rooted Hair x 1
Hairpin x 1
Super Flexible Stainless Steel Skeleton Seamless Body (Large Bust) x 1
Posing hand x 8
Necklace x 1
Fur leather x 1
Pair of boots
A decorative ring of thigh
A couple of rope
Feather fan x 1
Fireball x 1
Background board x 1

The wind and fire comes quickly with electricity.
The ghosts are also sad when the narrow fan starts to dance.

She makes the character of the wife of Bull Demon King---Princess Iron Fan as the prototype who owns a beautiful face and is considered as the devil liking killing the innocence. She is flirtatious peerless, wandering the world. She walks on the fire line, and seems so calm and comfortable, the fit robe makes her long stature exquisitely carved. Every step she walks can reflect a healthy sheen from high to the waist of the slits, and the proud breasts seems to bounce out of the corset.
As the flames burn, the mast scull is ashes to ashes.

She is a genius of using spiritual power, proficient in various spells, when the left hand raises up, there is popular applause, while the right hand raises up, there is ice storm, even if it is contrary to the laws of heaven and earth, which the gods dare not to want, she can get off the ground.

In the war between the god and the evil, the demon family follows Sun Wukong to challenge the gods, they regard Sun Wukong as their hero, and they are willing to go through fire and water for him. But five hundred years later, Sun Wukong wears the Incantation of the Golden Hoop and forgets who he was in the past. The demon family feel being cheated. The admiration suddenly becomes the deep hatred. They will sacrifice everything to kill Sun Wukong, they believe that there would be no hope on his Buddha's day!

When her jade finger moves, the ice will get to thousands of miles.
When her sleeve dances in the wind, the sand will fly and the pebbles will roll.

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