1/6 GI Joe 12" Beachhead Figure Exclusive Sideshow Collectibles

As a young boy, Wayne R. Sneeden was tormented by his peers and lived a poverty-stricken life in Auburn, Alabama. He persevered to graduate as high school valedictorian, but he was far from showing others just how much he could achieve. He went through Airborne and Ranger school in the U.S. Army, and his character was tested when he took a dangerous assignment as a Covert Ops advisor in Central America. His advanced training and skill caught the attention of the G.I.JOE team, America's most elite fighting squadron, and Sneeden adopted the code name BEACHHEAD as he became the team's ranger. He quickly gained a reputation as a composed and stalwart soldier, holding himself and his fellow Joes to extremely high standards.

Beachhead's fellow soldiers have the utmost respect for him, though he has not risen through the ranks of the G.I.JOE Team like many of his peers. He does whatever it takes to accomplish a mission - even if that means displaying a certain amount of contempt for rules and regulations. As a result, he is always first on the field to lay down fire against COBRA's armies and the last to leave until each of his fellow men and women in uniform are safe and sound.

•Pro Body 1.2 with over 30+ points of articulation
•Beachhead portrait
•Neck cover
•Rolled fabric beret
•Commando sweater with detailed patches
•Dog Tags
•Detailed pants with pockets
•Assault vest
•Assault backpack
•Pistol Belt
•Drop leg .45 holster
•.45 quadruple magazine shingle
•MOLLE belt
•Drop leg MOLLE platform
•Compass Pouch
•Three sets of interchangeable gloved hands
•XMLR-3A Laser rifle
•Single point rifle sling

•.45 1911 Pistol
•.45 magazine x 6
•Red smoke grenade
•Yellow smoke grenade
•Fragmentation grenade x 3
•Tactical Railed Crossbow
•Crossbow bolt x 5
•Hip Quiver
•Combat knife with sheath
•Robinson Arms XCR(R) Short Barrel Rifle with folding stock
•Vertical Foregrip
•M68/CCO Red Dot Sight
•3x Optical Magnifier with flip-to-side mount
•Tac light
•Rail panels x 2
•Magpul(R) P-Mag x 5
•Climbing rope
•12-inch display base with G.I. Joe logo
•Sideshow ExclusiveSwitch-out portrait with removable beret

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