1/6 Redman Toys The Cowboy Set of 3 Action Figures

This Listing is for a set of 3:

The Cowboy U RMT-009:
Head Sculpt
Brown Courdoroy Jacket
White Western Style Shirt
Light Brown Pants
Black Belt
Cowboy Black Boots
Fat Pad
Navy Colt Pistol
Navy Colt Pistol with Leather---like Lanyard
Leather---like Neck Band
Noose Rope
Three Silver Rings
Body with hands *2

The Cowboy B RMT-008:
Head Sculpt with Hat
Brown Peak Lapel Jacket
Satin ‐ like Brown Waistcoat
Black Western Style Shirt
Dark Brown Pants
Off‐‐‐white Scarf
Black Belt Black
Gunbelt & Holster & Bullet *3
Cowboy Black Boots with Spurs
Navy Colt Pistol
Winchester Rifle
Smoking Pipe
Pocket Watch and Gold Chain
Body with hands *2

The Cowboy G RMT-007:
Head Sculpt with Hat
Leather---like Vest
Western Style Striped Shirt
Dark Jeans
Green Fringed Shawl
Black Neck Scarf---Tie
Brown Belt
Brown Embroidered Belt & Bullet & Holster
1849 Navy Colt Revolver Rattler Grips
American Buffalo Tribute Henry Rifle
Cowboy Brown Boots with Spurs
Body with hands X 2

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