1/6 Scale Black Label 1 Bruce Lee Statue Limited Edition by Enterbay

- Museum like high quality head sculpt and perfectly carved statue body

- Individually hand-painted head sculpt with a serious facial expression; details wrinkles and expression with newly developed "multi layer" paint application

- Topless Bruce Lee giving the muscular expression

- Jeans that is worn by the statue is made out of real denim fabric, and this help to make the product to look more realistic

- Highly authentic 1/6 scale belt as seen on Bruce Lee many times before

- Highly authentic 1/6 scale necklace with the Jeet Kune Do club logo

- A pair of classic 70s shoes as seen on Bruce Lee before

- Approximately 35cm tall (including the base)

- The exclusive wooden base with the metal plate that has the individual serial number

- Worldwide Limited Edition of 5000 sets

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SKU: 1/6 Scale BL-1 Bruce Lee Statue Limited Edition by Enterbay-64843
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