1/6 Star Wars Zuckuss Figure Sideshow Collectibles 100316

If you’re going to be recreating a galaxy from far far away, then you have to be sure to include the scum and villainy that give it depth, so that’s exactly what we’ve done. Joining Sideshow’s gathering of the finest bounty hunters in the galaxy is the Star Wars collectible Zuckuss Sixth Scale Figure.

Available exclusively through Sideshow, our Zuckuss Sixth Scale Figure offers a brand new sculpt and costume. This Gand features a detailed portrait with respirator tank and tubes, fabric costume (that includes padded undersuit), leather-like harness and pouches, a back-mounted respirator diagnostics pack, and armored boots.

Of course, you’re not a bounty hunter that Vader utilizes if you’re not well armed. That said, Zuckuss comes equipped with one set of gun firing hands, a set of neutral rifle grip hands, and a GRS-1 Snare Rifle.

For those who choose to collect those in the Star Wars universe who do the collecting, you won’t want to miss out on our own Zuckuss Sixth Scale Figure!

The Zuckuss Sixth Scale Collectible Figure specially features:
Detailed portrait with respirator tank and tubes
Finely crafted fabric costume including:
One (1) padded undersuit
One (1) shirt
One (1) pair of pants
One (1) robe
One (1) pair of armored boots
Leather-like harness and pouches
Back-mounted respirator diagnostics pack
Four (4) interchangeable hands including:
- One (1) set of gun firing hands
- One (1) set of neutral rifle grip hands
GRS-1 snare rifle
Figure base with Star Wars logo

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