Aeryn Aerhart 12-Inch Figure by Triad Toys

il-doers beware! Soaring through the skies with the latest in personal flight tech, the Esten Mk IV Rocket Propulsion System, the lovely Ms. Aerhart isn’t afraid to blow you away. Armed with the famed MPLX Resotronic Laser Pistol, this ravishing rocketeer is on the scene!

The Artisan Series: Aeryn Aerhart 12-Inch Figure includes:
- Caucasian ALPHA MDB 12 Inch Figure body with over 35 points of articulation with customized headsculpt with rooted Saran hair
- Custom White Spandex Bodysuit
- Removable Rocket Pack with Leather Harness
- Blaster Pistol
- Leather Gun Holster
- Removable Flight Helmet
- Leather Belt
- Leather Waist Rig
- Magnetized High Heel Feet
- Pair of White Gloved Pistol Grip Hands
- Pair of White Gloved Relaxed Hands
- Pair of White Gloved Fist Hands

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