Alien Predator Magazine #11 Predalien from AVP Eaglemoss


The definitive Alien and Predator figurine collection, presenting characters from the Alien, Predator, AVP and Prometheus movie franchises, in terrifyingly realistic detail at 1:16 scale. These figures are cast in a specially formulated metallic resin and painted by hand.'
First appearing in its early chestburster form in 2004's
Alien vs. Predator, the Predalien is the terrifying result
of a facehugger impregnating a Predator. As the creature grows, reappearing in the 2007 sequel, it develops
terrifying speed, strength, killer instincts and the ability to start its own hive by planting embryos directly into human hosts. The Predalien figurine is presented in a standing attack pose, preparing to go in to battle with a defiant Predator warrior.

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