B-17G Fortress (Silver)

"The Boeing B-17 Fortress is a long range heavy bomber. The B-17G has a defensive firepower of not less than thirteen 0.50-inch machine guns, two chin guns, two guns in the dorsal turret, two guns in the ventral turret, two guns in the waist, two guns in the tail and one gun in the roof of the radio operator's position. The B-17 has a maximum speed of 472 km/h. The B-17 has crew of six to ten. It incorporates four 1,200 h.p. Wright R-1820-97 nine-cylinder radial air-cooled engines with General Electric Type B-22 exhaust-driven turbo-superchargers. In July 1943, the B-17G was introduced to Fortress production line and was produced in large numbers than any other Fortress variant. B-17G entered service with the Eighth and Fifteenth Air Forces in late 1943. In 1945, when the production of B-17G ceased , there's a total of 4,035 B-17Gs built. "

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