The Creepy Monsters Lycan Statue Dream Figures 905928

Lycosura, ancient Greece Fearful of the gods, its ruler offered Zeus blood sacrifices ... Blood of innocent travelers, whose bodies became part of the banquet. Nothing is wasted at Licaon's house. One day a traveler arrived at his door. Warned that he could be a God, Lycaon offered him a place at his table. The wrath of God was such that it destroyed everything ... "Lycaon they call you and in Lycan you will become" Those were the last words of the great ZEUS. Every decade, Licaon has the opportunity to redeem himself, he simply needs not to eat human flesh ... He has not yet succeeded to this day.

Sideshow and Dream Figures proudly present the second project of Dream Figures' classic terror line. Based on the myths and literature of the monster genre LYCAN is a great statue. This quarter scale centerpiece focuses on the main characteristics of the Monster: brutality, bloody, savage … taking care of all the details and bringing an awesome and terrorific look.

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Available: 2nd Quarter, 2022
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