DarkCrownToys 1/6 Scale Dark Blood Soul Hunter Collectible DB003

Products include:

•1/6 Scale Collectible Figure

•1/6 Scale Head, Delicately designed & made with Blue LED Devices in the eyes & Ferrite Movable Joints

•Five Different types of replaceable hand gestures: Two Normal Pose, Two designed for holding a weapon, and One for holding the Underworld Wanted Poster)

•The Lord of Hell Armor elaborately comprised of 26 different parts

•Blue & Black Cloth Armor

•Black Veined Coat

•Pair of Black Veined Pants

•The Purgatory Wand (Crescent End)

•The Purgatory Wand (Sythe End)

•The Blade of Hades x2 (Swords)

•The Soul Lock

•Underworld Wanted Poster

•The Escaping Demons Skull (with Horns)

•Black Cloak (PreOrder Only)

•A Magnificent Soul Hunting Nexus Pedestal with Remote Control (Luxury Grand Platform with LED Light Emission Kit and Remote Control with memory function. Adjustable Light Source Intensity for ease of photography & display

•Unicycle Special Platform

•Special Bonus Gift: "DARK BLOOD" Story Book-The Third Chapter

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