Grimmies Grimm Fairy Tales Series 1 3-Pack

They’re cute! They’re curvy! They’re Grimmies, a shapely reinvention of the highly-popular building block figure style, brought to you by the CS Moore Studio and Zenescope Entertainment! The line’s first release includes Grimmies of Zenescope’s memorable Grimm Fairy Tales characters from the publisher’s best-selling flagship comic book series. Sculpted by Clayburn Moore, Grimmies are designed so that some accessories and parts can be removed and shared between other figures in the line. Grimmies Grimm Fairy Tales Series One 3-Pack includes Alice, Snow White and Red Riding Hood. Each comes with the character’s trademark accessories: Alice with rabbit and potion bottle, Snow White sports her book and sword and Red Riding Hood wouldn’t be the same without basket and axe. NOTE: Base may vary slightly from what is shown.

And you won’t want to miss The Grimmies Grimm Fairy Tales Alice & Mad Hatter 2-Pack (sold separately) featuring Alice in a variant costume and her rabbit with the knife wielding Madman himself. Each figure stands a curvaceous 3” tall and ships in revealing window box packaging. Zenescope fans everywhere won’t want to miss the debut series of these curvy, pint-sized beauties!

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