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"On November 1967, the HH-3F Pelican helicopter was acquired by the Coast Guard for the purpose of extending its offshore helicopter coverage to 300 miles. The HH-3F is developed for search and rescue, marine environmental protection, logistic and reconnaissance support, enforcement of laws and treaties, defense readiness and drug interdiction. The HH-3F Pelican can accommodate 17 passengers and its side hoist can lift 600 pounds. The significant features of HH-3F are as follows: suspension hoist, hydraulically operated eight foot ramp, computerized navigation system, weather search color radar and automatic flight control system. The HH-3F set the standards for helicopters. Thus the medium range, twin engine amphibian carried sophisticated rotary wings avionics package, cruised at 120 knots and competent of reaching 142 knots. The usual crewmembers of a HH-3F are the pilot, the co pilot, the navigator, the flight mechanic and the passengers. The HH-3F Pelican is also known as the Sikorsky S-61R. It was built under Augusta License as the AS-61R. The HH-3F Pelican served the United States Coast Guard. The US Coast Guard ordered the HH-3F for all weather water rescues. It has a water landing ability which made it a dependable workhorse from the late 1960s. Moreover, the HH-3F Pelican features a search radar with nose antenna random offset to port. "

Scale: 1/48 scale model

Wing Span: 14.5

Length: 15.5


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